Sunday, May 24, 2009

Assignment for Web Design project

Site Map


Project Concept Proposal

This project is revamp the california fitness official's website
.California Fitness, part of 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, is acknowledged as the leader in the fitness industry in Asia. Our first club opened in Hong Kong in July 1996 and pioneered the mega gym concept in the region. This club was such a huge success that we embarked on further expansion within Hong Kong and into Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and mainland China.

In 2005 Their joined forces with international superstar and fitness devotee Jackie Chan, to create a signature club in Hong Kong – the California Fitness Jackie Chan Sport Club. Currently, They have six Jackie Chan Sport Clubs around Asia. Then in August 2007, They teamed up with another international athlete and basketball legend, Yao Ming, in Their first endeavor in mainland China - the Yao Ming Sport Club in Beijing, which was closely followed by a Shanghai club later that year.

Their expansion in Asia continues to grow and they aim to open 100 clubs by 2016 so they can keep on helping more and more people to live better through fitness.

Founded in 1983, 24 Hour Fitness is the leading privately owned and operated global fitness center chain in North America. It is comprised of over 400 fitness facilities around the globe, with over three million members. Currently, it is partnering with 7 fitness superstars - Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Jackie Chan, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Yao Ming and Derek Jeter, to create signature clubs that advocate fitness and help reach the company's mission of making fitness a way of life for everyone.

For the target Audiance of california fitness is adults ages around 20 to 50. Because nowdays people are too fat and easy to get some sick. So i will redesign the website to update some new information and promotion.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 URL and screenshots with analysis of beautiful commercial website

1.they're using the flash to make the navigation roll.
2.nice graphic very interesting.
3.the color combination are good.
4.the infomation are clear.

1.interesting layout design
2.using the rainbow color to the navigation bar.
3.the infomation are clear(price,typo arrangement)
4.nice color mode.

1.nice graphic on index pages.
2.the web designer are using some interesting icon to be the navigation bar.
3.the typo arrangement are good..the price of the wine are clear(but i dont understand XD)
4.the infomation are clear.

1.interesting layout design
2.they're using the flash to pull the layout between the color purple and white
3.they also using flash to promote the product they sell.
4.the navigation bar are clear and neat.

4 of Design tutorials

4 URL of HTML /CSS / javascript code library tutorials

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

user testing

questions and comments

1.The site is well-suited to first-time visitors.
a)Strongly Disagree b)Neutral c)Strongly Agree

2.It is easy to remember where to find things.
a)Strongly Disagree b)Neutral c)Strongly Agree

3.The site's reflects progressive, leading edge design.
a)Strongly Disagree b)Neutral c)Strongly Agree

4.It is clear how screen elements(e.g., pop-ups,scrolling lists, menu option, etc.)work.
a)Strongly Disagree b)Neutral c)Strongly Agree

5.The typography (lettering, headings, titles) is attractive.
a)Strongly Disagree b)Neutral c)Strongly Agree